What is Strength Training?

I noticed that though, I have been preaching about strength training for around 5 months now, but I haven’t properly defined it yet. Today I am going to explain strength training.


strength training
strength training

Strength training is the use of resistance to contract the muscle in building the strength, anaerobic endurance, and size of skeletal muscles. There are different types of strength training; the most common are the use of gravity or elastic/hydraulic forces to challenge muscle contraction.

Most of the health program designed to give you a healthy and strong body includes strength training. It keeps you leaner as it strengthens your muscles. Strength training improves the metabolism. The increased metabolism helps in managing many chronic diseases. As you improve your metabolism, it also helps your mental function, as well. Strength training not only builds stronger muscles, but also strong bones that support your whole body.

Among the several forms of strength training, only isometrics are difficult. Isometrics only strengthen muscles in the exact location of the isometric force. This type of exercise not recommended for patients with heart problems as it raises blood pressure.

The resistance considered necessary by strength training comes from the gravity with some help from massive free weights to work all body parts. Barbells isn’t safe to use without the help of a spotter. You might injure yourself using this free weight.

Dumbbells can be used at home. They don’t take too much space, therefore, much safer than barbell. Sorry to say, when you grow stronger, you would need to graduate to heavier weights.

Resistant bands and tubes also recommended for home use. The resistant level is based on their colors. The darker the color, the more resistance it has. You will have a complete rainbow color bands as your strength progress. Light resistance training is ideal for the patient’s recovery period. However, it can be provide as an alternative even for the most advanced strength trainers.

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