Myth about Losing Weight Fast!

Do you want to lose weight fast, but can get discourage easily because of the poor results of your diet or exercise? Don’t worry as this article will guide you to what you should be doing.

lose weight fast
lose weight fast

What happens with the food we eat?

Energy comes from a substance known as glycogen. Glycogen comes from the foods you eat, and it is mostly stored in the liver and muscles.

The liver holds around 1500 calories while the muscle can only store few calories.

The glycogen found on your muscle gives you the energy to work out from around 30-45 minutes. As you stop exercising, the liver quickly works and replenishes the lost glycogen.

When you eat, the body sucks up the fat and carbohydrates and replaces all the lost glycogen in the liver. Some people can last longer compared to other people. They have a huge supply of glycogen in their muscles.

The same thing also applies to losing weight!

For sure, you have heard some experts saying that you can lose weight fast if you lessen the calorie you consume (diet). The theory behind it is that this will force your body in using stored fat to replenish glycogen lost from the liver, thus resulting to rapid weight loss.

This will eventually happen, but not as fast as most people think. The body can easily replace the glycogen lost from the liver but not instantly from the stored fat. It will have to wait until you eat something!

The body has an easy job of deriving its energy from the foods you eat instead of the stored fat that it has been preciously guarding for so long.

So how can you force the body to burn stored fat and replace glycogen lost from the liver without limiting the amount of calorie intake?

The only way to do this is to utterly deprived your muscles of glycogen. There are three ways to achieve this.

  • Through a strict low carbohydrate diet. (Not a bright idea!)
  • Aerobic exercise. (Okay but not always effective)
  • Anaerobic exercise – short interval high intensity resistance training such as lifting weights etc. (Recommended)

Now, it doesn’t mean that you will succeed at losing weight because you exercise?

You can only burn around 50% of the glycogen stored in the muscles from exercising for 25 minutes at a fairly moderate pace. To make it simple, you won’t burn any fats!

Your body can’t lose weight!

If you want to lose weight, you need around 45 minutes of quite strenuous exercise, without a break!

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