2 Exercise Myths that bothers Women

Most women believe that strength training in is just for men as they don’t want to have bulky muscles. The truth is far from what is said. This article will tackle 2 misconceptions about strength and conditioning exercises.


woman doing strength training
woman doing strength training

Myth 1: “I would get bulky muscles if I lift heavy weights!” Nope, women don’t have the hormones to develop bulky muscles. Guys have much testosterone , which helps them build bulky muscle, but girls have little testosterone on their body so there is no chance that they would develop a bulky body. The only way that a woman could develop a bulky body is by taking some kind of supplement that enhances the body’s growth.

Those women, who got the muscles of a wrestler are injecting something on their body to make their body grew bigger than other women. Anyway, they have a lot of muscles that can burn fats of their body even though they are just resting. So the chance for them to get fat is little compared to someone, who is just doing cardio workouts.

Myth 2: “I’m just going to run off all of this excess weight.” Yes, you can use running to burn those calories, but you won’t get thin by just running alone. You need to have some muscles on you so that you can burn more fats out of your body. Also, your skin will be loose, and your body won’t have muscular defining curves.

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