Myth of Exercise Experts and their Machines

Everyone knows that the weight loss industry is one of the richest industries in the world. This is why many of these so-called experts have come out and introduced their concepts in the right way of doing various exercises that promise weight loss and fitness in a short period of time. Yes, the results they promise is real, but you need to buy their expensive machines. People keep buying the hype (usually machines) that they are selling when they all need to do is exercise at least three times a day in the comfort of their home. Body exercises are both effective and don’t cost a thing.


exercise machines
exercise machines

Most of these experts would advertise their patented machine for weight loss and fitness through e-books and video presentation, which makes people believe the models they use on their machines indeed give them their six packs abs and well tampered bodies through the use of their exercise machines when you have seen the same personalities working out in gyms! Advertising firms usually utilize models on these machines they are paid to create ads for, from the same fitness agency who gives them well trimmed models for advertising purpose. It is a no brainer that these experts with their exercise machines exploit the huge market for fitness and weight loss to make some quick money.

Before purchasing these exercise machines that these fitness experts are selling, try to consider several things, which are cost, function, safety and need. These machines usually priced high to cover the expenses for the manufacturing and promotion cost. Now, let’s compared them with simplest exercises we can do at home without the help of any machine. Now, let’s take in the most popular exercise machines for the legs and calves. Surely, we can get the same exercise benefit from jogging outside our home.

With the rising cost of nearly everything today, it would be wise not to spend our hard earned money on something we could get for free. Today, more and more people are turning into health buffs and use their daily activities to exercise their bodies. Take for instance, those people who need to take a bath; if they would just fetch a pail of water then they could get some exercise while getting a bath at the same time.

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