Strength Training is a Must to Strengthen our Bones

As we age, our body gets weaker and the bones get brittle. This is the reason why some elderly easily have broken bones. Broken bones is the result of poor bone density. That can result to loss of income since it will be almost impossible to work anymore once you broke your bones. In some cases, it leads to early death.

Our bones gets brittle as we get older.

However, we shouldn’t accept loss of bone density as we age since we can do something about it to prevent it from happening. There are ways to strengthen our bones and this article will talk about building bone density through strength training .

Strength training challenges the muscles and pulls the bones attached to it. It helps in stimulating bones structure. So, by working out one muscle group, you will also increase the bone mass in that area. However, doing that won’t be easy as you will need some level of intensity being applied at that particular area. The idea here is to work your muscle until you can’t use that muscle anymore. It is advisable to work that muscle three times to continue building that particular muscle and bone area.

At first, you will easily get tired, but as you work on that area for quite some time, you will notice that you are getting stronger and you won’t feel any fatigue anymore. When that happens, you need to increase the resistance to keep on getting stronger. Gradually add some weights as you get stronger.

There are exercises that will build the bone density in some areas of your body. These exercises stimulate the growth of bone density in particular area. You can use free weights or machines to build strength and bone density in one particular area.

If you are just starting to work out, it will be advisable to seek some professional help. Do not try to do it alone. Asking your friend, who is into body building for a long time will help. But, if you don’t have a friend that is into bodybuilding then seek help from gym instructors.




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