Strength Training and Bodybuilding differentiated!

A lot of people think that all type of resistance training has the same effect for the body, but there are differences. Strength training can be differentiated from bodybuilding with the type of workouts and the results. Each got its own benefit, depending on your personal goal. For some, one types aren’t enough so they are performing a combination of both.

strength training
strength training

The difference in results

Strength training increases strength. The size of the muscle doesn’t change much. Though the muscles are much denser, the strength is greater. It increases the actual number of muscle fibres in the body.

Bodybuilding build up the muscle size and creating the biggest and best looking muscle. Its main focus is to increase the fluid within the muscle cells. As a result, the muscle grew bigger and bulkier.

The difference in training

Strength training requires very heavy weights that are lifts for a few numbers of reps, creating a change in the nervous system as it stimulates growth of the actual muscle fibres. Even though, the muscles are dense, it is capable of lifting large amounts of weight.

The types of exercises needed are big compound lifts, which stimulate the most muscle overall muscle mass and let the heaviest weights be used. When you isolate the muscle, as the big multi joint exercises take care of many more muscles at once.

There are fewer exercises needed because of the big compound lifts that cover many muscles at once. The resting time must be higher between sets, to allow for the most weight to be lifted.

Bodybuilding, on the other hand, involves lifting slightly lighter weights so that it would allow for higher reps. Resulting to an increased in the amount of fluid and glucose within the muscles, and the muscles get bigger.

The exercise need not only be isolated, but still include big compound lifts for the larger muscle groups. The more the exercise, the less sets used. The resting time tends is less than with strength training.

Both types of training are effective to produce the results. One creates dense, but strong muscles and the other focuses on making it bigger. When both types get combined, an increase in size, strength and also definition for the optimal muscle mass gains.

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