6 Fitness Myths that stops us from having Great Abs


Everyone seems to be dreaming of great abs, but we all know that it is hard to get these abs. it gets even harder if we are following some myths about these abs. Here, are common ab myths that we should stay away from:


flat tummy
flat tummy

Myth #1 – There is a quick fix to flat abs

Sorry to disappoint you, but there is no quick solution to getting a six pack. Diet pills, abs gimmicks or other weird abs contraptions won’t help us. There is no proven to reduce that tummy in an instant. The only solution is sticking with a fat burning diet and to burn off your tummy fat with intense, regular exercise.

Myth #2 – Crunches are the way to go

According to researchers from the University of California, you could only burn 1 pound if we perform 250,000 crunches. That will take us a lifetime if you ask me! Countless ab crunches can actually make our tummy bigger. This is because the classic sit-up only engages the superficial abdominal muscles, those just under your skin; which can lead to larger (not smaller) abs.

Myth #3 – Flat abs are made in the kitchen

Diet does play a crucial role in weight loss, but we also need to do some exercise on the side. We need exercise to burn off those unwanted fats in our body. Diet help us to control the amount of fats that build in out body to a minimum. A combination of exercise and diet will help us to achieve the flat tummy that we want.

Myth #4 – Any exercise will do for belly fat loss

Any exercise is beneficial for our health, but when it comes to exercise to get rid of tummy fat, we need to do more to sweat it more. A lot of people who exercise regularly don’t actually work their abdomen.

What is the right type of exercise that target stubborn belly fat? High, intense workout can burn those fats from your tummy.

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