Facial Exercise Myths that we should not believe in


For most people, face exercise is a mystery as they don’t understand the proper benefits for reversing the signs of aging without cosmetic or facelift surgery. This article tackles a lot of myths about DIY facelift exercises.

facial exercises
facial exercises


Many people seek ways to look younger and cheat the clock. However, the treatment they seek is too expensive because they often opted for surgery in order to improve their looks. Non-invasive facelifts, in particular facial exercises, can make people look years younger in a relatively short space of time.

Some people don’t believe that face exercises can help them to look younger because there are insufficient data about the subject. So here are some facts you should know, which might contradict the myths with regards to facial exercises.

Myth 1: Yoga face exercises makes you look older because of the wrinkles that appear during the workout.

Fact: Face exercises develop the underlying tissue and rejuvenate blood flow to the skin cells, thereby filling out the skin as the stirred and underlying oxygenated muscles expand.

Myth 2: The muscle in the face can be damage from vigorously working them.

Fact: Exercising the face muscles with facial toning strengthens and feeding the muscles, tissue, and skin cells with blood, and with much-needed nutrients.

Myth 3: Facial exercises take too long. Cosmetic is much better since it is way faster and gives better results.

Fact: Facial exercises should be done for 20 minutes daily for the first month, and 2 to 3 times a week. When performing the exercises while watching TV, you will hardly even notice the time it takes to do them.

Myth 4: Sagging face skin could become more prominent because face toning stretches the skin.

Fact: Facelift exercises focus on the upper, middle, and lower face, all the skin firms, therefore, giving you a more chiseled look.

Myth 5: Cosmetic mini facelifts, or a full face lifts, will give permanently results.

Fact: Plastic surgery can cause scarring to one’s face where the surgeon has snipped off the excessive skin at the scalp, ears, or along the jawline. This scarring can affect the blood flow to the skin and underlying tissue, thereby generating a scenario where you will look great for the first 18 months, but worse off afterwards as the skin reverts back to its former baggy state. In addition, the scarring can delay the energy flow in the face and neck area. The effects of cosmetic surgery are only superficial and are also short-term. Facial exercise routine practiced a few times a week will let you enjoy long-lasting benefits.

Myth 6: A facial exercise or toning system isn’t as effective as cosmetic surgery.

Fact: it is true that plastic surgery can make you appear younger or better looking faster than facial exercises but there is a risk that comes with that. The facelift could have gone horribly wrong. Some people had shared it before in news and is looking for the person who gave them a facelift. They want to sue the surgeon because of what they have done to her face.

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