Introducing Isometric Strength training

If you have not heard about isometric strength training, then ask any fitness trainer, and they would tell you about it.

an introduction to isometric strength training
an introduction to isometric strength training

Isometrics training or otherwise called iso’s or iso is different from isotonic training. Iso’s exercises only involve minimal movement. Then again, isotonics is the opposite of Isometric training as it involves a complete movement in the exercise. Isometric training had been around for a long time now there are video tutorial available that would teach you step-by-step training on to use it effectively.

Isometric strength training is more about the muscular strength. It differs from other conventional weight lifting and bodybuilding. They are considered as a sport, which is far from other traditional workout since almost all of them as ways to exercise. This engages the person to progressive resistance. Progressive resistance is adding resistance as you grow stronger.

Most of the sports today use isometric strength training in their workout routine. Of course, these include basketball, football, baseball and a lot more.

The Story of Strength Training

Resistance training has been around for many years that people seems to forget when it does really start. With the help of the modern technology, resistance training has evolved into what we knew it nowadays. Ahead of that, people only knew weight training.

Progressive resistance training started back in the ancient civilization of Greece, where a wrestler – Milo, who lives in Croton used a calf to strengthen himself. He carries the calf on his shoulder and would walk a long mile until the calf was fully grown. He was among the strongest person during his time.

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