Top 5 Functional Strength Training Exercises of All Time


This article is about the examples of functional strength training exercises. I want to show the world what are the top 5 Functional Strength Training Exercises of all time.


Top 5 All Time Functional Strength Training Exercises

  1. Squats. Squats are arguably the main weight training exercise that everyone can do. You work out most of the main muscles in your body! These muscle groups composed of the glutes, quadriceps, hamstrings, back and core. Being a functional strength exercise, the squat forces you to start lifting items through the use of your legs, not your back. Back injuries considered as the worse type of injuries since it may result to paralysis. To perform the squat, place your feet a couple inches wider than shoulder-width apart, and lower your hips, until your thighs, are parallel to the ground. Keep your feet flat on the floor, your back arched and chest up throughout the range of motion.
  2. Deadlifts. A lot of bodybuilders and athletes like to perform deadlifts since they believe that it is among the most essential functional weight training exercises. By performing deadlifts on a regular basis; your ability in running, jumping and throwing will vastly improve. The deadlift strengthens the legs, hips, back, core and arms. To do deadlifts, place your feet under your hips, and your hands just outside your legs. Keep the bar close to the body as you lift the weight from the floor. Throughout the exercise, keep your abs tense, feet flat and chest up.
  3. Walking Lunges. Lunges improve the way you walk & run because it strengthens the back, shoulders, legs and arms. Lunges significantly increase lower body strength and flexibility. In order to do a walking lunge, step one foot forward and keep the front foot flat on the floor, as you lower your hips until the front knee is over the ankle. Push up slowly with the front foot to the starting position. Then, continue with another step with the opposite foot and keep repeating this process.
  4. Power Cleans. If you have a lot of power, then you also have more strength. Power cleans can build your stamina, strength, and power quickly. It builds your strength and speed overtime. The Clean starts in a position similar as for the Deadlift. Start the Clean from the floor with the barbell by pulling it on your shoulders. Catch the bar, in the Front Squat starting position. Note: Hips don’t come lower than parallel. You need to pull the bar higher & accelerate as much as you can.
  5. Bench Press. Though, a lot of people don’t prefer bench press as part of their routine; it is undeniably one of the best functional training exercises. You don’t need to be an expert to perform bench press. To do bench press, find a flat bench and with you grip shoulder width apart, slowly lower the bar to your chest and push it up slightly quicker than you lowered it. To maximize your results with the bench press lower the weight over 4 seconds and return it to the starting position in 2 second. So, as you lower it count 1, 2, 3, 4 and when coming up it should be 1,2 Simple enough, right?


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