Fitness Training Workout for Soccer

Being fit is especially beneficial for soccer players, as they will need to run for around 90 minutes, with no stoppage in time and only sporadic stoppage of action. If you want to prepare for an upcoming season, it would be best to play with your buddies outside to get fitter. It is also an excellent way to practice the drills that you and your teammates are going to do when playing the game. If you don’t have the stamina to play for 90 minutes then you can develop the stamina to play that long by starting with for 15, 20 and 30 minute intervals that help increase fitness and endurance.



If you want a separate workout away from the game, it is best for soccer players to vary sprinting, distance and interval running all through a fitness workout. This workout will help players gradually increase repetitions and improve times.

Here, are some drills that you can do to improve your fitness level for soccer:

300’s: If you are in a soccer field, start out on the end line and sprint to mid-field up and back 6 times (50 yards x 6 = 300). High school players should do these in less than 70 seconds. After each 300, rest for two minutes and then repeat the routine.

Hills: Find a steady incline hill (no “baby” hills) Sprint up the hill and jog down. The jogging can be the recovery time, so this must be done slowly. Once you reach the bottom of the hill, you should turn around and sprint up the hill again. After five sprinting up the hills, take a two minutes rest and do five (5) more.

Cones: These are sprints. Place cones about five (5) yards apart for 25 yards. Players should spring to the first cone and then back, then to the second cone and then back, and so on. Five cones up and back is one repetition. Do ten (10) reps and then a one (1) minute rest. Then ten (10) more.

That is not all; we have some more routine for you!

30-30’s: This is interval training. Players should start by jogging for a few minutes and then alternate 30 seconds of jogging with 30 seconds of sprinting. Do this for a set of five (5) 30-30’s, then rest two (2) minutes and then do five (5) more.

120’s: This is a full sprint of the length of the soccer field. High school players should try to do this in less than 20 seconds. After reaching the opposite end line, players should jog back and allow 60 seconds to recover. Do 7-10 of these.

Cooling down and stretching: Players should not forget to take fifteen to twenty minutes so that they could cool down and stretch in order to conclude fitness training.

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