Strength Training 101 – Managing Type 2 Diabetes with Weight Training

Exercise is must in controlling Type 2 diabetes because people suffering from it need to lose weight, have more energy, and stay slim and in shape. If you are serious on controlling type two diabetes, then weight training is for you since it can assist you in controlling blood sugar level. But the sad part is that not all diabetics have a positive outlook when it comes t weight training. Once they understand the benefits that can be derived from it and how easy it is to do, they find it can easily be adopted into their lifestyle.

managing diabetes
managing diabetes


Preparing to engage in weight training is not something to be taken lightly. If the individual doesn’t know and practice proper form and discipline while learning to respect the weights, it can become disastrous. Novices can easily injure themselves from practicing improper weight training methods, eventually losing interest in it before they have even begun to witness any benefits.

That is the reason why starters need trainer to guide them. The trainer’s job is to start you out on the right path; they will teach you proper form and how to avoid injury. Once you mastered the proper form then you are free to work out on your own.

Contrary to what most people know weight training is not all about becoming bulk. The bulky muscle that can be built with weight training is often a turn-off for most since carrying and maintaining that level of muscle is not always appealing. But weight training for diabetics is not the same. Weight training can also be implemented to develop trimmed and toned muscles.

Strength training is far different from just exercising. Exercising can be performed every day since it doesn’t force the body to its limit; weight lifting, on the other hand, should be performed every other day since the body need to rest in order to repair the damaged body tissue. The only exception is if individuals desire to compete in sports.

Beginners should perform weight training with caution… start as slow as possible and then work your way up. Listen to your body to determine if you are doing too much, too quickly, or even not enough.

In the past, Type 2 diabetes are a threat to enjoying people’s live, but it is no longer the case now. You don’t need to wait any longer until the disease gets worse. You can take control now and win back your health and life.

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