Are Strength Training Recommended for Kids?

When people think about strength training, most of them will think that this is only for adults. In fact, strength training is always associated with adults who spend most of their time in the gym trying to make their muscles grew bigger. Contrary to what most people know, it is actually a very safe and effective exercise for youths.


8 year old girl

What age are we talking about when we said youth?

I believe that strength training can be thought to eight year olds, just as long as they are interested in learning about it. They can already accept and follow directions.

A lot of people actually think that strength training will halt the process of growing. I guess I am just as guilty, as well since I used to think that it will hinder my growth back on my elementary days. Researchers have proven that strength training doesn’t hinder the growth of children. In fact, they offer numerous benefits for children like resistance to injuries, develop body composition, builds muscles, builds bone mineral density and motor fitness performance.,

A child should perform strength training at a slower pace compared to adults. They should get someone to coach them the entire time and don’t let them do too much in the beginning. Tell the kids to focus on the form rather than the weight.

As you coach your kids on strength training, teach them with different exercises and activities so that they won’t be bored. There are lots of ways to train inside a gym. There are medicine balls, resistance tubing and machines at your local gym. Try to give them a full workout in, even if it’s the first time. Don’t let them just focus on just one muscle group.

Don’t tell them to do it. You need to show it to them. Bring them along on your exercise session and they will see how enjoyable could it be.

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