Fitness Training 101 – Ten Benefits that you could get from performing Interval Training

Interval training also known as the maximum cardiovascular exercise. The benefits that you could get from this type of fitness training is tremendously immense – your heart rate slows, you use oxygen more efficiently, you get faster – quickly, and you feel right from all those endorphins running around in your bloodstream.

a guy performing interval training.
a guy performing interval training.

Here are the 10 advantages of Interval Training

1. You feel fantastic for the rest of the day. Interval training helps in the production of endorphins. These naturally occurring opiates manufactured in your brain when you are engaged to strenuous exercise. Interval training helps the body to produce short bursts of intense activity.

2. Helps to drop the resting pulse. Resting pulse indicate a good measure of stroke volume – the amount of blood your heart push on each beat. In theory, the more blood pumped per beat the LESS your heart needs to work each minute.

Cardiovascular exercise helps in increasing your stroke volume. Interval training is maximum cardiovascular exercise – and immediately increases the stroke volume. With the help of consistent interval training, the heart rapidly increases. As a result, your total lifetime fitness levels rise, as well.

3. Reduced wear and tear for your heart. Since interval training increases your heart’s stroke volume, your heart beats less throughout the course of the day to supply the amount of blood you need flowing to your tissues. If the heart beats less, there would less wear and tear for the heart. The heart can last longer because of the intense vigorous exercise.

4. You get faster. This is the first reason why are you doing interval training. You’l notice that you’ll regular cardio workout seems to be easier for you.

5. Climbing hills is easier. If you keep on doing interval training, you will find out that climbing hill seems to be easier than before you got engage with interval training. This will raise your self-confidence, which will help, you to achieve a lot of things.

6. You’re stronger and faster in every other form of cardiovascular activity. A better endurance will not only help you in climbing. You’ll notice that you can swim, run and do other stuffs easier.

7. Decreased risk of high blood pressure. Researcher has proven that interval training can help to lower high blood pressure. A controlled blood pressure is vital for reducing the risk of heart diseases. Since interval training is the most intense form of cardio, you’ll discover that it has far greater benefits than what you feeling right now.

8. Lowered cholesterol levels. Cardiovascular exercise is one of the best ways to reduce blood cholesterol level. Lower cholesterol helps you to stay away from heart disease, arthritis, and other inflammatory disorders.

9. Stronger immune system. The immune system responds positively to regular strenuous exercise. Interval training – due to its intense qualities – yields an increased immune response. Those people who exercise regularly are not prone to colds and flu.

10. Look and feel younger. Exercise can benefit both physical and personal aspects of your life. You sleep better. You wake up more refreshed. You skin glows. Your digestion improves. Overall, you’re healthy and well. Your attitude throughout the day becomes consistently positive. You have more ideas. You’re more creative. You’re more fun to be around.

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