Mariah Carey displayed her body in a bikini after her 70 pounds weight loss

Following the time that she got pregnant with her fraternal twins, Mariah Carey added 70 on her weight. However, it is evident how the diva had managed to lose weight after two years. Mariah displayed her flat tummy that proves her weight loss effort has been proven successful.

Mariah Carey finally flaunted her new shape after losing weight
Mariah Carey finally flaunted her new shape after losing weight

Reports claimed that the ‘American Idol’ judge went to Australia along with her husband, Nick Cannon, and twins. The singer will be performing a series of shows in the Gold Coast, Sydney and Melbourne.
Mariah wore her tiny denim mini-skirt on for the candid snap as she appeared to like her sandy break from the mini-tour.
Soon Mariah is set to return to the set of the 12th season of American Idol, which will be seen live on television on January 16, together with other judges Nicki Minaj and Keith Urban.
However, Mariah can’t hide the fact that she is still worried of the fact that she might be endangered with the presence of Nicki Minaj. She hired more security so that she could work knowing that she is safe while working with “America’s Idol”.
In an interview with Barbara Walters of Good Morning America, she noted how unsafe her working environment had become.
She added that she is not used to threats since she is a professional.
Carey added that she won’t take any chances since she got two babies.
Reports claimed that Minaj cracked at the Vision of Love crooner during the October auditions in North Carolina.
Staffs had heard Minaj saying that he wants to pull a gun and shoot Mariah, but Nicki never admitted the claim.

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