Eat peanuts and lose weight

Those of you who want to lose weight would find this news the best thing that they read because this article would help you to lose weight. Take note that you don’t even need to exercise to lose all those weight troubling you for years. All you need to do is to eat lots of peanuts and you would lose weight.

They say that you should eat less if you want to lose weight, but that don’t certainly apply to eating peanuts. When you eat peanuts, you would lose more weights.

The new findings states that those teenagers, who aren’t into exercise, can still lose weight or reduce their body mass index (BMI) after eating peanut butter for weeks. On the contrary, the other group of teenagers, who didn’t eat peanuts doesn’t lose any weight at all.

“Obesity is the most pressing health issue facing us today,” said Craig Johnston from University of Houston in the US.

“We’d like to think it’s preventable, but from where I sit right now, there hasn’t been a lot shown to be very effective on a large scale,” Johnston added in the paper published in the Journal of Applied Research on Children.

The study recognizes the fact that adolescence is the time wherein people ate the most. The 12 week study has proven that anyone can lose weight while eating peanuts or peanut butter. Around 257 adolescents participated in the said study.

Half the student gets peanut or peanut butter supply three to four times a week, but the remaining only get peanuts at least once a week. Take note that peanuts are chosen since they are dense in nature.

The said study lasted for 12 weeks and researchers find the significant different between those who ate three to four times of peanuts every week against those who ate it only once a week. You wouldn’t guess that those who ate more peanuts have a lower BMI than those who ate fewer peanuts.

The researcher claimed that the students didn’t suffer any side effects after eating lots of peanut.



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