A lady who had suffered from chronic pain, now helps other in their strength training routine


A lady from Michigan is already on her 60’s, but had decided to be a personal trainer. She might look muscular right now, but she was not like that when she was a lot younger.

Pam Ashley, a personal trainer who was sickly way back when she was younger.
Pam Ashley, a personal trainer who was sickly way back when she was younger.

Back in her 40s, Pam Ashley was suffering from scoliosis, myofascial pain syndrome as well as fibromyalgia, causing her to feel muscle weakness with constant pain.
Ashley claimed that she had incurred several horse-riding and car accidents from the time she was younger. Ashley then decided to look ways to relieve her pain crisis around 12 years ago.
She noted how she went from one chiropractor to another, but still experiencing constant pain. Later on, she decided to consult a spine specialist, who claimed that it was his first time to see someone who has a curved spine.
As both spine specialist, as well as physical therapists, started to correct the problem. Ashley leaned about how weight lifting help reduced recurring pain.
She asked the trainer Matthew Johnson to make a strength training program especially designed for her.
When she was just starting, she was feeling so much pain, but her body adapted after a few months. One day, she got surprised when she was not feeling any chronic pain anymore.
Currently, she had made a career out of her healthy lifestyle. Her clients asked her to train them, whether she was at her home or inside the gym through the use of various equipments such as kettle balls, bar bells, resistance training, dumbbells and other weights. A session with her will cost you around $55 an hour.
Pam Ashley noted how adults who are not into strength training are losing around 5 pounds of muscle each decade, which results to a 3 percent per decade decrease in metabolic rate. Strength training is the means to maintain lean muscle tissue and lose weight.
Ashley added that she never thinks of how much weight she can lift because she is not a power lifter. She likes to challenge herself as well as her clients to do more reps than the last time.
One of her clients is Phil Carra, who is 65 years old and started to train with Ashley 10 weeks ago. Phil Carra noted that Ashley has motivated her to exercises, and she likes what it has done for her.

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