Strength Training, one of the best ways to counteract the effects of Depression

Major depression of the leading causes of death worldwide. No one is safe from depression as there are cases wherein even children as young as seven years old experience it. Expert claims that, by the year, the rate of people undergoing depression will double from all part of the world. In the US alone, more than 17 million experience it, that is why some people are currently under Prozac, the second most commonly prescribed drug for treating depression.

Depression is among the leading causes of suicide
Depression is among the leading causes of suicide

Depression is one of largest problems worldwide because it contributes greatly to the mortality rate. Companies lose a large sum of money because their depressed employees are not in the mood to work.

Depression is a condition wherein the individual experience sadness and low spirits; their life seems to be boring. There is no one safe from this condition as this just natural when we experience misfortune, but that does not mean that we should stay that way. The world is still great as ‘the grasses are greener on the other side’.

Researches had been done in finding out if physical activity can cure depression. Exercise had been recognize as a good way to promote cardiovascular (heart/lung) health, lowering blood pressure, keeping bones strong, improving muscle tone and strength, and of course, a proper exercise regimen can energize you and helps in getting rid of excess body fat.

Researchers want to know if exercise has an effect on depression. Several hundred studies have analyzed the effect of exercise on depression and found that exercise can boost your self-esteem, improve mood, reduce anxiety levels, increase the ability to handle stress, and improve sleep patterns.

One of the most recommended exercises is strength training and is said to work as anti-depressant medications without the negative effects of any drug. Strength training proves to be useful in treating depression. Every time you do strength training, endorphin levels (feel good hormones) rise by more than 60 percent, which help you to felt rejuvenated and even euphoric, keeping your mind trouble-free.

Aside from curing depression, strength training also boosts the self-confidence and self-esteem of a person. In some cases, some people felt a mood boost and increased energy levels after mastering a new skill or talent. Being able to master a new skill or talent can supply you with a sense of accomplishment and achievement needed in countering the effect of depression.

There is no need to spend two hours in the gym as even a 30 minute workout is enough to release the endorphin. 30 minute of workout is what you need in fighting depression and staying in shape.

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