Strength Training for Cheerleaders

Strength training must be part of a cheerleader’s workout routine. Whether a base, or flyer, body strength is necessary in performing routines with such advanced tumbling and stunts. The cheerleader must not only posses’ strength in the body core but also legs and shoulders is necessary so that they could perform any maneuver with ease. Of course, the easiest way to add strength training to your current routine is to do strength exercises, targeting specific areas of the body. You could also add simple hand held weight while walking or jogging. If you are just starting, start with the lightest weight and gradually increase the weight as you get stronger. Here, are some strength training exercises that you could do to develop strength:



Target areas: Glutes, quads, hamstrings and calves

Stand with feet apart and toes whilst facing straight ahead. Lower hips in the direction of the floor by bending the knees. Keep abs pulled in, torso straight and knees at the rear of your toes. Do not go any lower than 90 degrees. Do 12-16 repetitions. Lunges


Target areas: Quads, hamstrings, glutes and calves

Stand in split-stance with one leg ahead and one leg on the back. Bend knees, as you lower body into a lunge position while keeping the front knee and back knee both at 90 degree angles. Slowly push back up until you return to the original position. Do not secure your knees or let your knee bend past your toes. Do 12-16 repetitions. There are three variations to this exercise: front, back, and side lunges. Pull-ups and Chin-ups

Pull-ups and Chin-ups

Target areas: Back muscles, the rear shoulders, and the biceps

You need to use a pull-up bar that is at a height out of reach that requires you to jump up so that you could grab it. Stand underneath the bar jump up and grip the bar with an overhand grip (use an underhand grip for chin-ups). Bend knees and cross your ankles for balance and slowly pull yourself until your chin is at the bar level. Then slowly lower yourself down until your elbows are straight. Do as many repetitions as possible without touching the floor. Push Ups

Push Ups

Target areas: Chest, shoulders, triceps, back and abs

Lay face down on the floor, as you balance yourself with your toes or knees, and hands. Keep hands wider apart than shoulder width and keep body straight from head to toe. Slowly lower your body to the floor, only stop when your elbows are at 90 degrees. Then push back up. Do 12- 16 repetitions. The four variations of pushups are: incline, decline, wall pushups and even one-armed pushups.

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