What is Circular Strength Training?


Circular strength training is both new and old as it is a combination of modern science and ancient training methods. Scott Sonnon, the founder of the training method wanted to developed an exercise system that helps people to be mobile. CST focuses on two areas – joint health and mobility. The system will guide you how balance yoga with resistance training with the help of Clubbells. What is notable about the system is that it adjusts to an individual’s need.

circular strength training in action
circular strength training in action

CST is the first training system to introduce incremental progression to the fitness industry. Incremental progression means that once a person’s strength and mobility adjusts to the program, they can now intensify their workout routine. In short the program also adjusts to the person once the person already used to the program, which result to not gaining strength anymore.

The first part of the system is joint mobility, meaning the combination of particular drills and combining them into a series of movements. This allows the join to have a speedy recovery. The second part is known as Prasara Yoga that is responsible for the training of a person, which more popularly known as the strain of daily living. Progressive resistance is the third part as this is the part where you need to hold a clubbell and follow the instruction from the trainer. In ancient times, a club is used to practice circular strength training. When you swing the Clubbell, your muscles and connective tissue from related tissues get a good workout.

CST was developed from The Training Hierarchy Pyramid (THP) and got improved to address the individual’s current state compared to their goal state. When practicing the said training method, you need to know about General Preparedness, Specific Physical Preparedness, Activity Specific Preparedness, and at the top is Mental and Emotional Preparedness. Mastering these four levels make it possible for them to achieve their goals.

THP may be the skeleton for the training, but it is the Fitness Value Hierarchy of CST that gives the five priorities. The priorities that you need to know are Mobility, Health, Attributes, Function, and Physique. In CST, health is what you should focus on first; physique will soon follow after several months. The whole thing revolves around a recovery day, rest day, moderate intensity day, and high intensity day.

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