Lower Abs Exercises are just myth or are they?


Many gets confuse whether they should perform exercises for the lower abs because some fitness experts say it is impossible to work out the lower abs without giving other body parts a workout too. In fact, most of them would say that the idea of a low ab exercise is a myth.

lower abs
lower abs

How do you isolate that area?

If you are going to look at the rectus abdominis, which represents the ribbed “six-pack” muscle in the front, you can see that they are just one muscle that comes from the bottom of the ribcage to its attachment on the pelvis.

Some say that if you want to workout this area then you need to workout the whole muscle. However, if you look a loser look then you might think that it is complicated.

The ridged appearance is because of the tendons that cross the muscle horizontally and divide it into sections. Some books say that the cross-cutting tendons are what remain of the fetal development. It is hard to say if I do believe in this.

As the rectus abdominis gets divided into several units, it allows for a lot more variability of motion- or freedom of movement. If it is just one muscle, then you would have a hard time controlling your movements.

That is the reason; I think that the front abs are divided into sections. They are there for the purpose of controlling the area and increased mobility. The revelation signifies that the sections might be more stressed than other sections of the muscle.

If it is possible to stress one areas of the muscle then you can give that part a more rigid workout.

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