Strength Training for Older Guys

For any guy who is getting older, strength training is one of the things that they tend not to do since they think that they cannot do it anymore. They do not know the basic facts about what benefits strength training has to offer to them. A guy whose in his 30’s would not think about his health condition until they are near their 50’s wherein there are many health problems that seem to be haunting them.

Older guys need muscles too
Older guys need muscles too

When a guy reaches 30 years old, he loses around 3 kilos of lean muscle mass and another 3 kilos in each decade that comes. People used to think that it is natural as anyone or anything become old, but research has open a new window to everyone. Studies have proven that it is the lack of activity that is the culprit for losing muscle mass. What follows lose muscle mass is elementary; it means that the person will be weak, frail, and might suffer from life threatening diseases in the coming years. To counteract it, you just need to exercise regularly.

Experts suggest that people should engage in exercise at least twice in a week. It does not matter how old you are, the truth is that you lose muscle if you do not use it.

Aside from giving you a good physique, strength training also strengthen tendons, bones, and ligaments as it lessens the risk of sickness, injuries and accidents. Strong muscles act as a cushion from a nasty fall.

Strength training can help you increase your metabolic rate by up to 15%, which you will find useful in losing weight. Without exercise, anyone would lose 5 percent of their metabolic rate every 10 years. The faster the metabolic rate, the more energy we have so as it slows down, the energy also becomes low.

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