Reasons why you need to add Strength Training in a Weight Loss Plan

Everyone knows the secret formula to a healthy lifestyle and a healthy weight; it is a combination of a healthy diet and a few workout routines. You need at least 150 minutes of physical activity on a weekly basis to manage weight.

Strength training is also important in a weight loss program
Strength training is also important in a weight loss program

When thinking of a weight loss plan to lose those fats, try not to forget about the right diet and exercise routine needed for your personal goal. Anything that you eat should be low in carbohydrates, fats and sugars and high in fibers, vitamins and minerals. You also need a few proteins and lean meats to build those muscles. Try to eat lots of fresh vegetables and whole grains because they will provide the body with the nutrients needed to build strong muscle cells.

Like diets, you also need the right exercise routine for you. Exercise routines falls in to three main categories: flexibility exercises, cardiovascular exercises, and strength exercises.

Flexibility exercises composed of basic range of movements. They prepare the body for heavy exercise, thus reducing the occurrence of injury. Some people refer to them are warm-up exercise as they release tension from stiff joints and muscles.

Cardiovascular or otherwise known as aerobic exercises refers to those exercises that have to do with rhythmic activities and usually last for a long time depending on the person. Some of the most popular aerobic exercise involves running, swimming, walking and bicycling. Such exercises help the heart, lungs and blood vessels to function better. Cardiovascular workouts are best for improving endurance, strengthening bones, sleep, controlling weight, and reducing stress, depression and anxiety.

Strength training exercise or more known as resistance exercises are beneficial for someone with arthritis. Strength training exercises strengthen joints and the muscle that surrounds it, helping the joints absorbs shock. Resistance training has two categories: isometric and isotonic. Isometric exercises strengthen the muscles without moving the joint. Isometric exercises needed by people with arthritis. Aside from strengthening muscles around joints, isometric exercises also helps in reducing stress around joints helping build the strength needed to do the task in the daily life.

Isotonic exercises strengthen the muscles near the joint by means of moving the joint. They also serve a way to reduce stress to the joints and can be help reduce soreness to the joints. These can be done with or without weights in building strength and muscle mass.

Strength training exercises are beneficial for some with arthritis or have weak joints. These exercises are needed to prevent future injuries and diseases.

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