Comparing Powerlifting with Strength Training

Weight training has been around ever since the gladiator days. Back then, they use large rock to weight train. Currently, those large rocks replace by the modern weights that we see in gyms. Weight training are performed to increase the size of the muscles as well as strengthen it. One of the most popular ways to weight training is power lifting. Powerlifting concentrates on three routines like bench press, squat and deadlift.

Powerlifter lifting heavy weights
Powerlifter lifting heavy weights


Power lifting is more of a sport than as a way to improve strength, and it has three disciplines that are needed to focus on. These disciplines come in the form of squat, bench press and deadlift.

If you want to prepare for the said sport, you need to maximize your power to the fullest and increase your strength. Sets are usually done by lifting more than 90% of your max weight for a low number of reps. For instance, if you can lift 200 pounds, you need to perform sets of 270 – 300 pounds until you cannot lift anymore.

Though strength plays a significant role in this sport; it is not the only secret in powerlifting. You also need to use speed to lessen the weight that you need to lift. By using the velocity to your advantage, you are able to lift weights faster.

Strength Training

Strength training is different from powerlifting as it is not a sport. Strength training is about using several exercise to increase overall physical strength. Aside from weights, calisthenics, kettle bells, resistance bands, and machines can also be use for strength training. Different exercise tools must be utilized in order to increase strength.

Strength training reduces the risks of acquiring chronic diseases like arthritis, diabetes, depression, obesity, as well as osteoporosis. Strength training is popular among athletes because it helps them to prepare for their specific sport.

What is the advantage of Powerlifting over Strength Training or vice versa?

The advantage of one form of exercise depends on your end goal. Some people use both of them to maximize the benefits that they could get from both forms of training.

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