Facial Exercises, Myths Vs Facts


Facial exercises are becoming popular men and women as the said exercise helps them to look younger. However, there are many myths regarding facial exercise and this is what this article wants to clear.

Just for the record, facial exercises are the techniques used to prevent sagging skin, eradicate hog jowls and double chin, revitalize skin color, tighten turkey neck, and smooth out face and eye wrinkles. Techniques use in this exercise includes the use of fingertips and isometric principles.


facial exercises
Facial exercises aren’t scary at all.

Without further a due, here are the some of the myths about facial exercises:

Myth: Facial exercises won’t help you to alter the facial structure. You can only achieve that through plastic surgery.

Fact: That is not true, in fact, face structure can be change using facial exercises, but it does not make some changes in an instant. You need to focus on certain regions to see some development overtime. The downfall is that it doesn’t work with birth defect or damage from accident.

Myth: Cutting the loose skin to firm the neck and solve any problem regarding your face is your best option. This is far more effective compared to massaging some areas of your face.

Fact: The result that you get from cutting loose skin will not last long. After a while, you will see it going back to the way it used to be, therefore, you need to pay for a surgery again. However, face and neck exercises make the skin firm and toned on ongoing basis. The best part is that you don’t need to pay for single dime to achieve such firm skin.

Myth: DIY Non-surgical facelifts are not as effect as its plastic surgery counterpart.

Fact: Cosmetic surgery is invasive and affects the body’s natural energy lines and nodal points. Facial exercises on the other hand are gentle, non-invasive, and boost the energy and blood flow.

Myth: Facial exercises need to be done every day and it is hard to remember all the techniques needed. On top of that, it is also time-consuming.

Fact: It only takes twenty minutes to perform all the exercises daily. All in all, there are twenty points that you need to massage and each points takes only a minute to massage.

Myth: Facial exercises are painful and might damage some part of your face.

Fact: Face exercises are applied by the fingertips firmly to very specific pressure points. Since you need to apply pressure on some parts of the face, you will feel discomfort at first, but that will not last long. That is normal and there is nothing to be alarm at.

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