Common mistakes that sabotage a heart healthy lifestyle

So, you think that you are healthy since you exercise regularly and eat all the healthy food you can think of. That is how you control your weight.

As we all know, a healthy lifestyle is what we need to stay in shape and to be healthy, but there is a thing called a heart healthy lifestyle and some of you might not know that you are putting your heart at risk with the way you are living.

healthy heart
A healthy body is nothing without a healthy heart.

Here are the common mistakes that people does in their life.

Binge Exercising – All of us are busy and sometimes, you can’t go to the gym regularly. You try to make up during the weekends for all those lose time. Then on Weekends, you tend to engage on high intensity workouts thinking that it would compensate for the lost time. However, this is not a healthy habit since you are letting your heart to work intensively; thus, you are prone to heart attack.

Not Enough Sleep at Night – We live a busy lifestyle and there are just too much to do in a day that keeps us awake at night. Less than eight hours of sleep at night leads to several health problem and that includes our heart failing. The body need to rest to be able to return to its normal function and those catch-up sleep during the day isn’t equivalent to a healthy sleep at night.

Focusing on Calorie-Control Instead of Healthy Calorie Management – For most people, holding their normal weight is easy since they focus on calorie control, but the problem is that they lack the nutritional balance of fat, protein, and carbohydrates in their body. Overtime, this practice will lead to a metabolic distress. And this will take its toll in your health, especially to your heart.

It is true that you need to lose calorie to lose weight, but you also need to consider how you lose it. Eating less and exercising more makes you lose more calories and lose weight fast, but you are creating a hormonal imbalance in your body.

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