6 Reasons why your diet would fail


Yoyo diet are dangerous since the fluctuating weight are much dangerous compared to that of keeping the weight. You tend to become fatter each time you stop dieting. This is why most people become fatter despite the fact that they have a weight loss program. And this is also the reason, why the numbers of people getting fatter are rising.

yoyo diet
If you have played a yoyo before then you would understand that you would be fatter if you can’t last long with your weight loss program. You need something that you can do for a long time.

Here are six reasons why your diet won’t help you to become thinner:

  1. Diet doesn’t last long – Ask anyone, who are on a diet and they would say that their weight loss effort won’t last long. They would go back to their old habits and that is where the pounds came in. Only, this time, they would become bigger than they use to be. Diet is only for a short time as most people can’t keep at it very long.
  2. Diets are restrictive – It is easy to stick with a certain weight loss program for a while, but keeping it for a long time would be harder. They usually get bored and get back to their old habits. Most people, who are into diet aren’t happy and that is why they can’t keep it for very long.
  3. Diets don’t work on everyone else – Each one of us is different from the other and that is why there are no universal diets. You would need to consider a lot of things for you to create a diet that would work, especially for you. A diet must address each person’s likes and dislike.
  4. Diets can slow down metabolism – If you get starved then your metabolism would slow down. Eating less would only make you much hungrier than before. This is where the term Yoyo diet comes from.
  5. Diets are expensiv e – Most diets would require you to buy something for it to work. The problem is that not all of us could afford doing it for a long time since others might need the money for something else.
  6. Most weight loss diet program don’t tackle the emotional issues that people are having – A person on a diet would need to deal with food cravings and addictions, fear of failure, fear of success, self-sabotage, to name a few. All of these issues are needed to be address if you want a diet that would work on you.


This is the right time to make some change in your lifestyle. If you have a healthy attitude towards food then there is a high chance that you would have a healthy lifestyle. Only then, you can create your own weight loss program that would be appropriate for you.




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