Cisco Diet, It is that effective?

When it comes to weight loss, diet and exercises are the best way to have great results. You need to combine those two in order for you to get the results that you want. However, you would need time and lots of efforts for you to see the results. Of course, you do need to exercise lots and often times would need to go to the gym, but that is not what this article is all about. This is all about the new right now is CICO Die t, which is said to be effective.

The acronym, which stands for ‘calories in, calories out’ is underpinned by the theory that to lose weight, you need to consume fewer kilojoules than you use up each day during physical activity and vital bodily functions (like breathing).

Its popularity has taken it to the social media Reddit and people has been talking about it. IN case, you didn’t know yet, it is an old method that people use to lose weight.

According to the site Daily Mail, ‘with calorie counting, you can mistakes.’ ‘When people calorie count, they often stop counting nutrients and instead just look at the numbers. ‘This can mean they end up eating junk food, provided it meets their calorie allowance for the day.’ FEMAIL spoke to Sydney -based dietitian and nutritionist, Lyndi Cohen , to find out whether CICO is safe or sustainable.

According to Ms Cohen, your body needs enough supply of food for it to function well and if it can’t get that then it won’t function well. Apparently, your body goes into starvation wherein it starts to eats itself.

‘It’s ironic, because a diet like the CICO diet tries to encourage balance, but it really doesn’t,’ she explained.

‘Instead you become obsessed with numbers – both the numbers of calories and foods and the numbers on the scales. You might feel guilty when you eat the wrong thing.

‘CICO might be weight loss 101, but it’s not sustainable. People who cut calories and lose weight think they’ll be able to eat normally again afterwards, when it actual fact cutting calories means it needs to keep happening.

‘Such an approach might work temporarily, but it’s got a pretty high rebound rate.’

Lyndi Cohen believe that the most important thing to do when trying to shift weight is to fill up on ‘fruit and vegetables, and balance your meals with carbs, protein and fat’

First thing that you need to do to avoid the deadly trap is to fill ‘fruit and vegetables, and balance your meals with carbs, protein and fat’:

‘Plan ahead and meal prep to ensure you don’t have to eat unhealthy things on the go,’ she added.

‘Take care of your hunger by having small, nutritious snacks on hand such as cut-up fruit and vegetables, nuts and things with you so you’re never caught out.’

“Eating all junk, but keeping it low-calorie, will still wreak havoc on things like your skin, your mood, your gastrointestinal functions,” Dawn Jackson Blatner, RDN, and author of “The Superfood Swap” told Yahoo.


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