Strength Training can help people with Cerebral Palsy live a normal life

Cerebral palsy is a condition wherein the sufferer is constantly shaking her hands because they have problems with their brains and nervous system. That is the reason why they have a hard time moving, seeing, thinking, as well as learning. CP like diabetes has no cure. If anyone who has this condition wants to become independent, then the prime condition has to be dealt with, – toughening the muscles.

people with cerebral palsy
people with cerebral palsy

People with cerebral palsy need to train in a lot of ways so that they could learn how to live on their own. If you want to help them then, you should engage them in strength training. An increased in the muscle not only helps cerebral palsy patients to cope with the day to day activity in life, but also stop atrophy of muscles from occurring. Atrophy is a rare condition that can hit both children and adults, suffering from CP.
The difference with people with CP and has no CP is that people with CP has trouble controlling their movement while those with no CP can easily control their movements. This happens because the both muscles and tendons expand as they perform any activity. However, this does not mean that it is impossible. They might have a hard time to control their movements because the muscles develops slower compared to their bones, resulting in a serious complication known as contracture . This is where cerebral palsy training plays an important role. Strength training helps to keep the muscles strong and limber so that a chance of contracture reduces.
In general, CP patients have weaker legs and the tendency for them to crouch are there. However, that is not part of having CP, they may develop a condition called scissor gait. Scissor gait is a condition that forced you to walk on your toes with knees bent inward. Strength training can help resolve this problem. Strength training can also help in the improvement of a person’s gross motor skills.
As CP sufferers keep on performing strength training, he will eventually find out that he is gaining strength and flexibility, allowing them to function like a normal person. With the aid of strength training a person with CP may be able to sit, walk and move around without the help of others.

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