Exercise Myths and How Experts used it to their advantage


As we become aware of the importance of fitness and well being, we also become conscious of the exercise myths that surround it. Fitness trainers have been using this myth to their advantage since fitness training had begun.

fitness trainer
fitness trainer

Here are some ways how fitness trainers turn those exercise myths to their advantage.

Myth: Doing 100s of sit ups will bring visibly solid six pack abs.

Truth: Doing 100 sit ups will give your abs the endurance power, but it is not that effective to burn those fats off your body. This myth is one of the biggest reasons why most people fail to achieve weight loss even though they hit the gym regularly.

Myth: If you want to lose fat, cardio is the best way to burn the pounds off your body.

Truth: Cardio does burn calories during your workouts. But from the moment that are finished with your cardio workout, the calorie being burned also stops there. Resistance training is a good way to burn those calories since you are building muscles, which burns those calories even when you are at rest. Combining cardio with resistance training will give a faster result since cardio burn calories while performing the exercise and resistance training burns those fats off your body while resting.

Myth: Resistance exercises are absolute NO-NO for girls and these exercises can get women ‘bulky’.

Truth: In general, girls have a lower testosterone compared to guys. Testosterone is the hormone responsible for those huge muscles that can easily be spotted among guys. So even though do resistance training, it would be impossible for them to develop bigger muscles, not unless they are using some testosterone enhancing drugs.

Myth: Doing triceps will burn the extra fat of the back arm areas and sit ups will shave off abdomen fats.

Truth: You can’t burn fat off particular part of your body – at least, not through exercising. However, it really is possible that you manipulate your body hormones in a rather safe and healthy way!


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