Plant-Based Diet are popular among Athletes

A former triathlete once noted how he had switched to vegetarian diet to fulfill his dream of becoming a professional athlete.

Plant-based diet are the best diet for athletes as it improves the athletes' performance
Plant-based diet are the best diet for athletes as it improves the athletes’ performance

In an interview, Brendan Brazier said that he had tried numerous diet programs before and none of them works. But when he tried the plant-based diet, he noticed that his body his health and body condition improved.

Brazier is not alone in his belief as there are countless athletes that shares the same belief with him.

Some of the athletes that are confirmed vegans are baseball’s Prince Fielder, ultra-marathoner Scott Jurek and ice hockey player Mike Zigomanis.

Fitness experts believe that eating plant-based food provides you with more energy, as well as, allows you to sleep better and improve your performance.

Sharon Palmer, author of a plant-based diet book claimed that several studies had proven that eating food high in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds can help prevent and treat issues related to recovery.

Out of 1,014 American adults that participated in a survey, only two percent of them were confirmed vegans. Five percent identified themselves as vegetarians or those that don’t eat meat, fish or poultry but consume dairy products and eggs.

Brazier said that a plant-based diet helps to lower the stress hormone cortisol, which is responsible why some people are having a hard time sleeping.

But Palmer noted how vegans lack vitamins like B12, D, and calcium because they can be found mostly in meat, dairy products and eggs.

That is the reason why supplements were invented because they supply the body with the vitamins that the body lacks.

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